On-Trend Ingredients


Imagine the possibilities! Check out these on-trend ingredients to inspire your next product development project. They’re proof that Bakery Showcase, a biennial trade show in Toronto, offers more than baking solutions.

Kick up the protein!

Consumers have a seemingly insatiable appetite for protein. According to food scientist Carol Finlan, singular plant proteins from pulses do not provide the essential amino acids recommended by the WHO. Profi Pro is a specially formulated blend of plant proteins that delivers all the essential amino acids. Applications include beverages, soups, sauces, baked goods and even veggie burgers. High protein, high fibre Profi Bake for baking applications is a gluten-free functional replacement for wheat flour. Both products are GMO-free, Kosher and Halal certified. DealersIngredients.com/profi/

Clean Ingredients

Herbarom apple extract from Herbafood in Germany was developed as a clean label colouring sweetener to replace caramel colour that some consumers view as a carcinogen. Use Herbarom in dairy products, iced tea, cola, confectionary and sauces as well as baked goods. Herbarom is distributed in Canada by Dempsey Corporation.


Consumer tastes for grains are evolving; from whole grains to ancient grains to sprouted grains. Everspring Farms has perfected the sprouting process, precisely controlling time and temperature to maximize nutrients. Germination affects the fibre, starches, proteins and enzymes, thereby improving the taste and texture. Other benefits include improved nutritional content, longer shelf life and shorter cooking times. Everspring Farms sprouts grains, beans, peas, lentils and seeds in their facilities located in Ontario. EverspringFarms.ca


The Physalis “berry” (aka Cape Gooseberry or ground cherry) is rich in the antioxidant cryptoxanthin. Casa Luker, producer of single origin chocolate from Cacao Fino de Aroma, enrobes the dried berries in dark chocolate, perfectly complementing their tartness. Add Casa Luker Maracas nuggets to cereals, snack mixes and desserts.


Looking for nut-free nuts? Sound like an oxymoron? “Nadanut” inclusions add the texture, mouthfeel and crunch of nuts to baked goods and snacks. Made from wheat germ, they are flavoured to replicate pecans, peanuts and other nuts. They hold their texture and crunch after baking but are not suitable for high moisture applications. Nadanut is distributed in Canada by Dempsey Corporation.

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  1. Hi, where in Canada can I buy or order nadanuts? I’m just a consumer and wouldn’t buy it in bulk. Thanks,angie

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