Rendez-vous Gourmet Québec

Each year Rendez-vous Gourmet Québec showcases 50 of the province’s food artisans for the food service industry. Take a peek at 5 unique products that captured my taste buds.

dD Manba Spicy Haitian-style Peanut Butter

The spread with a mission; to support peanut farmers in Haiti. Two young entrepreneurs from Quebec were inspired to recreate the unique spicy spread they discovered in the Caribbean nation. Not just for PB&J sandwiches, Manba invites creativity to add a spicy kick to savoury and sweet applications like desserts, sauces, dressings and marinades.

Rémis Organic Raw Vegetable Bites

Flavour, crunch, sustenance and one serving of vegetables in four bites. The clean ingredient formula is made with a proprietary process that took months to develop.

Garlic Without Garlic Breath

Le Petit Mas Fermented Garlic Flowers, a condiment made from the green scapes of the garlic plant (not the bulb), imparts complex flavours without the pungency of garlic. It reminds me of pesto sauce. This highly versatile seasoning enhances just about any savoury dish. Add it to sauces, marinades, dips, dressings and spreads. Brush it on meat and seafood straight from the jar to boost the flavour. Best of all, it’s easy to digest and doesn’t create the dreaded “garlic breath”!

Problem: what to do with an overabundance of tomatoes?

Make wine! Omerto Aperatif Tomato Wine is fermented with organic heirloom tomatoes, using a secret family recipe closely guarded for four generations. Proclaimed “the first tomato wine in the world”, Domaine de la vallée du bras produces 50,000 bottles annually.

Spirited Maple Beverage

We know there are 1,001 things to do with maple syrup. Now there are 1,004! A family-owned maple syrup farm is distilling maple syrup with spirits, creating one-of-a-kind whisky, rum and brandy liqueur. La Distillerie L & M

Bon appétit!

As a CPG food consultant, Birgit Blain helps food brands prepare their products for retail sale – from strategy to finished packaging. Her experience includes 17 years with Loblaw Brands managing a President’s Choice® portfolio. Contact her at or learn more at

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