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Annual trade shows like Grocery Innovations provide a snapshot of current and emerging food trends. Snacking behaviour is big and getting bigger, with more consumers replacing meals with snacks. From healthy to indulgent, here’s a taste of what three on-trend brands have to offer.


Healthy is a big trend but consumers aren’t willing to sacrifice their pleasures. Indulgent treats are a welcome reward after a stressful day. Just a taste of the luscious tropical flavours of Neale’s Sweet n Nice ice cream transports you to the Caribbean. Originating in Trinidad, Granddad Neale’s recipe was lovingly recreated in Canada. Four exotic varieties tempt the palate including coconut, a hot trend.


Organic has traction and continues to grow. And now more consumers are looking for raw foods. Straight from the family farm, Solar Raw Food® Ultimate Kale Chips deliver a healthy, satisfying snack with crunch. Organic kale, dressed with a special cashew and sunflower seed sauce, is gently dried in a facility powered by the sun. This company puts its commitment to sustainability right on the package.


Spicy flavours are dominating this year’s flavour forecasts and fermented foods are taking off. Wicked pickles and asparagus, from Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co., pack real heat with a crunch! Grown and processed in Canada, these cucumbers are fermented the old-fashioned way according to a treasured family recipe.


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