U.S. Food Labelling Changes Coming

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Proposed US Nutrition Facts Panel

Proposed US Nutrition Facts Panel

Food brands in the American market will need to revise labels when new FDA (Food & Drug Administration) legislation takes effect. The expected date for regulations to be finalized is still to be determined. At this stage, the FDA is accepting public comment on the proposed changes.

I applaud the FDA for revising serving sizes to be more realistic and updating the Nutrition Facts panel. The objective is to help consumers easily identify healthier foods. However, “% Daily Value” needs rethinking. It is not easy to decipher and requires mental calculations to distinguish the bad nutrients from good. For example, 20% DV of Fat is not so good, but 20% DV of Calcium is good, depending on your intake from other sources. The less thinking required, the better. I don’t know what the solution is but, understanding the consumer thought process when they read labels is key to simplifying this tool.

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